Remastered recordings comprising demos and live gigs 1978-2013


To date these recordings have not been formally released. Several are referenced in the text "The Age of Con-Fusion" on this website.  If you are interested in procuring any of these recordings, please contact us at 

                                              Archive CDs

ARTICHAUT NIGHTS. Rick Hannah Trio. BEP 1501. This CD is a collection of live recordings from the Trio's regular gigs at L'Artichaut Cafe/restaurant in Strasbourg, France, between 2008 and 2011. Rick is joined by Gerald Muller on acoustic bass and Thomas Laedlein on drums.

Titles: Grandfather's Waltz/Five Brothers/I Found a New Baby/Angel Eyes/Beautiful Love/Elsa/Conception/Young and Foolish/Show-Type Tune/The Theme.

 JERSEY JAM.   BEP CD 1610.   These are two separate recordings, one live and one studio, in the South Jersey area, with respectively two prominent jazz artists joined by Rick Hannah on guitar and backed by the popular South Jersey rhythm section of Tim Lekan on bass and Bob Shomo on drums.  The first is part of a live gig recorded in 2013 at the Sandi Pointe Inn in Somers Point, NJ, featuring Joe Barrett on clarinet.  The second is a studio recording with the late, great George Mesterhazy on keyboards. 

Titles - Live at Sandi Pointe:  Lady Be Good, I Can't Get Started, Out of Nowhere, Memories of You, Nuages.   Players include Rick Hannah, guitar, Joe Barrett, clarinet, Tim Lekan, acoustic bass, Bob Shomo, drums. 

Titles - Studio Session:  I Thought About You, Whisper Not, The Gentle Rain, There is No Greater Love.   Players include Rick Hannah, guitar, George Mesterhazy, keyboards, Tim Lekan, acoustic bass, Bob Shomo, drums.


FINISHING TOUCHES. We Three. BEP CD 1601. This disc represents Rick's first Trio recording. After playing with Domenic Genova in various Fusion aggregations, the two decided to start rehearsing Mainstream Jazz music and with the help of Frank Wilson (Jimmy Smith) on drums, made this recording of originals and standards in Los Angeles, in 1991-92.

Titles: The Finishing Touch/Bock to Bock/Con Alma/Quiet Waltz/A Run in the Park/Tune for Billy/The Sound of Music/The Trek (to Kurdestan)/Pre-Baby Bluz/Monk's Shop/I Fall In Love Too Easily.

SCRATCH, LIVE AT LE CAFE. BEP CD 1602. This CD represents the second collaborative effort between Rick and drummer Eddie Tuduri. This group represents the epitome of the Fusion scene in Los Angeles in 1989. Rick and Eddie are joined by Lon Price on sax, Joe Turano on keyboards and vocals, Domenic Genova on electric bass and Jerry Steinholtz on percussion.

Titles: Little Ditty/Skippin'/Dom's Tune/Blue Ballad/Sidesteppin'/Free Sample/Return Trip/Baby Cakes/Old Bay Shuffle/Hold On/Uptown Shuffle.

UNCLE FATBACK featuring Lenny McDaniel. BEP CD 1604. A combination of studio and live recordings of this R&B band headed by drummer Eddie Tuduri and featuring the late, great Lenny McDaniel on bass and vocals. Other musicians include Rick Hannah - guitar, Joe Turano - keys, vocals, Joe Lala - percussion, Garrett Atkins - trombone, Rick Braun - trumpet, John Berry - trumpet, David (Woody) Woodford - reeds, Jimmy Roberts - tenor sax, Danny Pelfrey - sax, Ralph Ricket - trumpet; back-up vocals: Patti Unitas, Shaun Murphy, Elizabeth Millington.

Titles: Yesterday's Gone/No More Runnin'/Can't Get There From Here/Turn On Your Love Light/Shake/Hey Mr DJ/So Affectionately/Blind Suspicion/Try A Little Tenderness.

PALINDROME. Hannah Brothers Band. BEP CD 1401. After returning back to Baltimore from Los Angeles in 1996, Rick organized a band with his two brothers Paul on saxes and Jim on drums. With the help of Darius Scott on piano and Josh Schwartzman on bass, this disc is the result of their collective effort in 1997. Included on this disc are two originals by Rick and one by Darius.

Titles: Love for Sale/A Weaver of Dreams/Enchantment/Cheesecake/Barbara/Bye Bye Blues/Meltdown/I Don't Do Mornings/Visitation/Grand Central.


LIVE AT FUNKS. BEP CD 1402. After playing together for a few years in Baltimore, starting in 1997, a few changes were made to the group and it held down a steady night in Baltimore at a little place called “Funks Democratic Coffee Shop”. With the Hannah Brothers and Larry Kinling on acoustic bass, this CD is a result of our more than two year stint live at Funks.

Titles: The Eternal Triangle/Beatrice/Midnight Waltz/Giant Steps/Ballad Medley(My Foolish Heart & Everything Happens to Me)/Angelica/Everything I love.

BLUE NOTE CAFE. Rick Hannah Band. BEP CD 1605. A two-disc live recording in Los Angeles, May 1998, with Rick Hannah on guitar, Brian Auger on keys, Hilliard Wilson on electric bass and Frank Wilson on drums. This is a straight-ahead session featuring jazz standards with high energy and good spirits, especially with Brian playing in his inimitable organ style.

Titles: Sonnymoon For Two/Good Bait/Speak Low/Stella By Starlight/Hi-Fly/Soul Eyes/I Love You.

HANNAH BROTHERS COLLECTION circa 1978-1987. BEP CD 1302. This is a collection of two demos and one live recording of the Hannah Brothers Band through the formative years. This is all original music composed by Rick Hannah and arranged by the whole group. The players include Rick Hannah, guitar, Jim Hannah, drums, Paul Hannah, sax, Bob Butta, keyboards, Jeff Wilson, keyboards, Jeff Andrews, electric bass, Mark Russell, electric bass, Gary Leslie Langston, vocals, Karin Hannah, background vocals.

Titles: Goals/Straight and Narrow/Stompin'/Lin/The First Time Again/Malbay Drive/Somber Evening/Pablo's Pickup/Golden Tribute/The Looser, the Better.

LIVE AT JOSEPHINA'S 1984.  BEP CD 1606.  A short-lived version of the Rick Hannah Band in Los Angeles.  This is a live gig from the club that sponsored the famous Monday Night Jam for many years in the 1980s.   Players include Rick Hannah, guitar, Marietta Waters, vocals, Kei Akagi, keyboards, Hilliard Wilson, electric bass, Alan Diaz, drums. 

Titles: Lin, That's Enough for Me, Don't Expect Too Much, Happy Time, There's No Such Thing, Inner Passion, Spain (intro), Destiny, The Island, Simple Minority, Love City, Voodoo.

L.A. TAPES Vol. 1.   BEP CD 1607.   This recording comprises two demos of mostly original compositions by Rick Hannah, from 1982 featuring vocalist Marquita Waters, and from 1984 featuring vocalist Marietta Waters. 

Titles - Tape 1: There's No Such Thing, Take a Little Piece of Happiness, I Will Wait For You, Inner Passion.   Players include Rick Hannah, guitar, Marquita Waters, vocals, Roland Miles, vocals, Stu Pearlman, keyboards, Thaddeus Richard, sax, Hilliard Wilson, electric bass, Chip James, drums.

Titles - Tape 2:  Spur of the Moment, Simple Minority, When Rain Falls, Five Meets Four, Dolphin Dance.   Players include Rick Hannah, guitar, Marietta Waters, vocals, Kei Akagi, keyboards, Hilliard Wilson, electric bass, Alan Diaz, drums, Tom Brechtline, drums. 

L.A. TAPES Vol. 2.  BEP CD 1608.  This demo is a continuation of the Rick Hannah Band recorded in 1986 at Mouse Johnson's studio in L.A. , featuring mostly original music by Rick Hannah with contributions by Hilliard Wilson and Freddie Ravel.  

Titles:  Deep Space, Great Wall, Song for M, Misdeminor, Karin's Touch, Among The Stars, Chevette, Minor Surgery.   Players include Rick Hannah, guitar, Patti Unitas, vocals, Kei Akagi, keyboards, Freddie Ravel, keyboards, Hilliard Wilson, electric bass, Chip James, drums.

THE TRIO TAPES.  BEP CD 1609.  These are two separate Guitar Trio recordings, made in Baltimore in 1997 and 2002.   Tape 1 includes mostly straight-ahead jazz with some original compositions by Rick Hannah.   The second recording is a collection of European classical themes set in a Jazz Guitar Trio format.  

Titles - Tape 1.  Butch and Butch, Falling in Love with Love, It's Only a Paper Moon, The End of a Love Affiair, Tune for Billy, Quiet Waltz, Short Order Blues, Bases Loaded.  Players include Rick Hannah, guitar, Tom Baldwin, acoustic bass, Mike Smith, drums.

Titles - Tape 2.  Prelude (Chopin), Pavane (Faure), Invention (J.S. Bach), Theme from The Nutcracker (Tchaikovsky), Prelude (Chopin).   Players include Rick Hannah, guitar, Steve Varner, acoustic bass, Phil Cunneff, drums.